Sanity Break

I’ve had a rough couple of months. Challenges that I knew were on the horizon all struck in a coordinated series of typhoons, shaking my stability and wreaking overall havoc. I survived. Thankfully, when the going was rough, people came together, both at work and with my family. That discovery alone was a huge positive. Although most everything has worked out well, the stress has taken a toll on me.

I’m fortunate, as long as my sister is around, I can take a vacation. One of us needs to be around and on call for our folks. My sister and I each (independently) planned vacations for October. Ironically, we’re both going on cruises, both sailing on NCL Bliss, both leaving from Los Angeles, both visiting the Mexican Riviera. I leave tomorrow and return on the 20th, my sister leaves on the 20th. What are the odds of that happening without coordination?

I’m lucky, I get paid vacation time and can afford to travel. During the dark years, I didn’t get any benefits, so every day I took off from work was a day without pay. Before that, I was self-employed, so vacations were stressful. Now, I’m able to travel and have my team cover for me. I do the same for them. It’s a huge positive and reminds me of how much I appreciate my current life.

Vacations are sacred. Everyone deserves time to explore and experience something different. To de-stress and unwind, to raise a glass and smile. That will be me tomorrow. If the mood strikes, I’ll post – perhaps some photos of the relaxed life. Have a great week!

Life is Beautiful


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