Walk it out

I’m trying to walk thirty minutes a day in an effort to improve my health. It’s been a positive experience so far. I walk without headphones, using the time to think, stop for the occasional photograph, and listen to the world. Here are some of the things I’ve noticed:

My Walk

Each day,

something changes.

The light reflects


Pine mirrored in blue.

Leaves rustle.

A tiny pink spiked flower

pokes out.

Man’s tighty whiteys

flap over a brook.

Wet dirt scent wafts.

Sun framed in clouds.

Dogs bark,

Converse in a language

I wish

I understood.

Cars whiz by.

Astride bare branches,

nests unveiled.

Squirrels leap

tails twitch.

Chimes tinkle.

Final stretch.


Ciao for now,

Lauren J


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