New Perspective

Years ago, back in the days of film photography, a photographer friend told me the two secrets to taking good photographs – find a new perspective and keep shooting.

I’ve found those two pieces of advice useful both in photography and life. One of my favorite Instagram hashtags is #newperspective and I use it with alarming frequency. I love looking at something we see every day and transforming it either with a new angle, a new color or a new tweak.

Here are two examples, same image, different perspective.

See what I mean? A little change in color, angle, perspective makes a world of difference.

In my life, #newperspective doesn’t just apply to photos. It’s about how I choose to look at life itself. On a day that’s bleak and depressing, I can go with the flow and allow my mood to sour in keeping with the day. Or I can choose to fight against the tide and find beauty in something, allowing my day to flow around beauty instead of the darkness.

#newperspective comes in handy when things go wrong. Finding a new angle with which to examine the situation can result in unexpected solutions. Changing your attitude can often make a world of difference. Turning a problem around and looking at it with fresh eyes can allow new ideas to flow.

I strongly recommend a #newperspective. You never know what will turn your world around for the better. And keep shooting – live your best life.

Ciao for now,

Lauren J.

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