Ten Things That Make Me Happy Today (and most days)

I saw a beautiful sunrise this morning. The kind of sunrise that takes your breath away and brings a tear to your eye because the world can be so incredibly gorgeous.

It’s gone!!!

The purple cast is off my right wrist!!!! It’s been replaced with an ugly, uncomfortable 24/7 brace for two weeks, but at least I can have a real shower again. My work colleagues will be thrilled to see me with clean hair again.

  • Dogs. Few things make me happier. If everyone had a few minutes of puppy therapy, the world would be a far better place.
  • NaNoWriMo . Although I will not win this year thanks to item two, I’ve been making progress on my new book. It’s fabulous to be working on something new, both in topic and genre. I’ve actually been consistent, writing a little most days. I’m thankful for the incentive.
Chihuly Glass
  • My phone sign-in image. A few months ago, my Dad and I went to the Chihuly permanent exhibit in St. Pete and I took this awesome photo. Every time I see the shot, I’m awed. The colors are so brilliant and happy. It just works.  
  • My Dad. Even when he exasperates me (which is not a rare occurrence) I absolutely adore him. How can you not love someone willing to pose like this?! I cherish our time together.
Sparkle Season, FL edition
  • Sparkle Season. I’m a bit of a grinch, but I love seeing everything lit up. It’s part of that whole color obsessed thing I suffer from.
In the money
  • There’s money in my pocket! Okay, it’s mainly singles, but still…
Blumenthal Center, my way
  • Making Charlotte, NC look prettier. Sometimes my second act home town bores the hell out of me. But when I tweak the way it looks, I’m excited to live here.
  • Y’all. It’s been almost two months since I started blogging twice weekly and I’m really enjoying it. I’m meeting some new people, reading your words, learning how to create something strangers will read and become friends. After spending so much time focused on novel writing, these short pieces with immediate feedback are a lot of fun. I especially love reading your comments. I’m happy you are part of this experience.

Please share what’s making you happy today!


Lauren J

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